Fragrant Friendships

From the cradle we grew together

Your dimpled smiles and my reckless laughter

Our frolicking in muddy grasslands of school

Climbing trees or chasing butterflies unseen

Studying together, our scores never mattered

All that was held dear then, was our mammoth plans

Of succeeding in the days that will come later in life

The richly fragrant biryani cooked to perfection

Is how our friendship grows till now

We, the dainty girls … were out to change the old world


Somewhere on the road to grow, I let be

My dreams asleep and my heart stifle a beat

As I raised a family of three, I simple forgot…. to be!

You found the person hidden within

Cleaned and reignited the passions of living

My dreams flowed from my home to the streets

A camera, coffee flask and the older yet wiser me

Chased the stories cast in stones so old and rare

Life changed; it blossomed when I met you

Fragrant like a lone jasmine unfurling in the morning air


On those lanes one fine day

From another life, I met you, my friend

Your unabashed zest for happiness flew me away

Like a timeless beauty, nuggets of wisdom you shared deep

Your simple joy in sipping tea while sitting under the trees

Matched mine and our moments together recharged my soul

Like petrichor it fills my lungs and keeps me sane in turbulent times

Till date the fragrance holds dear though the old trees are not there anymore


As the leaves of life turned yellow

Another dream wriggled to take shape that lay dormant before

When others my age were getting ready to hang in their boots

I picked up my pen to write my anecdotes

My life’s funny yet crazy moments

The imperfectly happy or sometimes gloomy days

I let my thoughts flow into words written in ink

Because somewhere down this path

On a temple lane, our minds collided

And you believed in me

The incense fragrance mixed with my chelpark ink

Inching me further towards my dream


Every friendship is special

Teaching life a living lesson

Yet this one steers to heart the closest

All through these years, at life’s every twist and turn

Whenever I look back, I see a pair of gentle brown eyes

And a comforting chest to burry my head deep within

My life partner, my best buddy, your love guides me every moment

Not just to live but to dream a life worth loving and living

Like richly brewed coffee… your aroma fills with hope my very being

My poem FRAGRANT FRIENDSHIPS finds a place in the anthology FRIENDS & FRIENDSHIP of The Poet. With 248 contributions from 175 poets in 46 countries, and from 26 states in the US alone; the anthology is out in two volumes. It is a beautiful collection of poems dealing with, of course, everything to do with friendships ! For those of you who would love to read more do click on the link for further buying details:—friends-and…

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      1. Thank you.. am glad you’d like to pick up the books. It has amazing poetry from poets all over the world. My poem Fragrant Friendships is published in Volume 2 – Rest of the World

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